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Podobnego maila dostał kolejny internauta z Polski. Zachęcam do zapoznania się z listem. Na czerwono zaznaczyłem najciekawsze teksty oszustów oraz najważniejsze różnice w stosunku do poprzedniego maila.

Nie daj się oszukać !Nie daj się oszukać !

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Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 14:39:40 -0800 (PST)
From: eBay Seller Comunity <aw-confirm@ebay.com>
Reply-To: aw-confirm@rescueteam.com
Subject: Congratulation eBay Transaction Item#7500353237 Started
To: xxxxx@xxxxx.xxx.xx
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Dear user

Thank you for contacting eBay's Customer Support team!Per your request, we have verified all the details of this transaction. We concluded that they are accurate. Please follow our instructions to complete the transaction safely. 

eBay Transaction #7500353237 confirmed!

Current status: Payment pending

SquareTrade protects auction item #7500353237 SquareTrade Logo

The following item(s) are protected in this eBay transaction:

Item name:
Electro Freeze Ice Cream Machine
Item number: 7500353237
Item price: US $1,520.00 / Amount insured
Shipping: Ready to ship / The price includes shipping and insurance fees.
Payment: Pending

 » Complete your eBay transaction in 5 easy steps:

  1. Buyer and seller agree on the transaction terms and a selling price.
  2. Seller contacts eBay with the transaction details, eBay accepts the transaction and offers purchase protection to the buyer (if the transaction is declined, no further action is required from either the buyer or the seller).
  3. The buyer sends payment and the seller receives it. After the payment was received, the seller must notify eBay. Buyer will send the payment details directly to the seller email address. The seller has three business days to send the buyer and eBay the tracking number of the shipment. If no tracking number is provided, a full refund is immediately sent to the buyer.
  4. Buyer receives the merchandise and has five days to inspect it. If it is complete and as described, the buyer should accept the merchandise. If he refuses the merchandise, the buyer must ship the merchandise back to the seller within three business days.
  5. After the inspection period is over, the buyer must contact eBay with the result of the inspection. If the buyer refuses the merchandise, the refund will be sent to the buyer after the tracking number for the returned shipment is verified.

» Payment must be sent by WesternUnion Wire Transfer to:

Contact name: Jade Boltons

Contact address:

1A Bow ST. City: London Zip/Code: E15 1HD
Country: United Kingdom

» The merchandise must be sent to:

Buyer`s name: [ imię i nazwisko kupującego - usunięto]

Buyer`s address:

[ dokładny adres kupującego - usunięto]

» Next step to be taken: The buyer must send the payment to the seller

We know that we learn every eBay member to use services such as PayPal, Escrow which are safer than WesternUnion Money Transfer. But is our responsability to make every option safe and tell that this seller is verified by our services and you can have all the trust in his requests.Member is ID Verified

» Payment instructions:

To submit the payment with WesternUnion Money Transfer, you have 2 options:

Pay for the transfer with cash at a local WesternUnion agent. Click here to locate the agents in your area. Go to one of them and send the payment to the verified name of the seller.

WesternUnion Money Transfer is the only service that has ultimate authentication of the identity of the receiver of funds. Several IDs and utility bills are required before the funds are paid. Therefore, no one else but your seller can pick up the money. Your payments cannot be lost in the mail, like money orders or checks.

 Sellers from UK are  not yet eligible for the PayPal Buyer Protection, which  means you are not protected against fraud if you pay this seller by PayPal.  However, WesternUnion Money Transfer is designed mainly for sending  cash to friends and family in need, so telling them you are sending the  money to an eBay seller will prevent your money transfer to go through  and you will be unable to complete this transaction.  Because the fee to send a WesternUnion Money Transfer is high,  compared to other methods of payment, we have arranged with the seller  to compensate for half of this fee (i.e. if it costs you $100 to send  the payment, take $50 from the amount insured and send the balance).

» Once the payment was sent, email the seller (jessyandpatrik@yahoo.com) the following information:

1. 10 digit Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN#);
2. Exact sender's name on file with WesternUnion;
3. Your street address on file with WesternUnion;
4. City and country where you sent the money from;
5. Amount sent.

Then wait for the confirmation the payment was received. Within 3 business days, you will receive the tracking number for your merchandise.The seller is not able to withdraw any money from this account while there are any possible refund request (30 days since the last transaction). Please note that the money are not sent do the seller but to one of our representative person from eBay in United Kingdom. For more information's please contact us at safe-harbor@rescueteam.com

» Purchase protection and refund:

Currently, this seller has a US $20,000.00 deposit in an eBay managed purchase protection account.

Transactions with this eBay seller are covered by purchase protection against fraud and description errors. For your safety, this account was locked today, for 90 days time period. The seller is unable to withdraw any money from it, within this period.

Should you need a refund for this transaction, the insured amount will be taken from the seller's purchase protection account and sent to you. The refund is sent to your bank account, or by check or money order. The way you are refunded is at your choice. You have 90 days from the above verification date to request a refund. Refund requests are processed within 3 days.

The insurer of this transaction is eBay Inc., located at 2145 Hamilton
 Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125, United States of America.
 The account is managed by eBay's Square Trade center.
SquareTrade Logo.

This transaction is supervised by eBay's Safe Harbor team.

» Conditions to be met before you may ask for a refund:

Here are the situations suitable for a refund request:

1. If the item doesn't arrive and/or the seller stops communications after the payment was received;

2. If the merchandise you receive has different specifications than the ones you agreed on;

3. If your merchandise arrives in a much longer period than the one you agreed on (more than 15 days from the payment clearance day);

For cases 2. and 3. you have to send back the merchandise to the seller prior to ask for your  refund. If you did not pay the seller by payment method required by us, your refund request will be declined.

» Important Usage Guidelines:

1. The contact information should only be used for resolving matters related to eBay. Any other use is strictly prohibited.
2. This transaction is protected by eBay services such as insurance, feedback and dispute resolution.
3. You may buy and sell with confidence in all transactions with this eBay member.
4. Should you need to dispute this transaction, keep the transaction number at hand when contacting eBay. Any complaints must be filed within 90 days from the verification date.

This e-mail message was sent to you from eBay SafeHarbor team, with the full support of the SquareTrade center.
The seller was informed about this transaction being started and is awaiting your payment. It is recommended to send the payment as soon as possible, because your purchase protection is valid for 30 days only.

If you encounter any problems with this transaction, please contact us.
When contacting our support team, use the reply feature so that all previous correspondences are included in your email. Otherwise, we will not be able to process your request.
To ask for a refund, simply reply to this notification and enter in the subject line:

Refund request for eBay Transaction #7500353237

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As outlined in our User Agreement, eBay will periodically send you information about site changes and enhancements. Visit our Privacy Policy and User Agreement if you have any questions.

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eBay and the eBay logo are trademarks of eBay Inc. TrustE


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Wstęp    Phishing na eBay    Ciekawa propozycja od sprzedawcy    Western Union Money Transfer i oszuści    Zweryfikowany agent eBay'a
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